Educational Tours for Educators and Students

Educational Tours for Teachers

Our objective is to provide teachers and students, the best learning opportunity possible through educational travel.  We offer tours that are designed with the teacher and student in mind.  These tours provide the highest academic quality, a fun "learning experience" and the best possible value.

2016 Tours  

Freedoms Trail - A tour that follows the footsteps of the founding of our nation. Experience and relive the key historical events and lives that shaped the early history and birth of the United States of America.  From Independence Hall, The Underground Railroad and the Civil War you will visit the sites that gave all American's their freedom. 
6-Days;   July 2, 2016



Footprints of the Southwest - Travel through the enigmatic landscape of the Southwest and experience the Grand Canyon at sunset, see the cliff dwellings of the prehistoric Anasazi People, the cowboy town of Durango, and magical Santa Fe.
7-Days;   July 8, 2016


Cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde


Russia & Scandinavia Cruise - A 14-night cruise on Celebrity Cruises' Constellation. Ports-of-call include: Harwich, England, Copenhagen, Denmark, Berlin (Warnemunde), Germany, Helsinki, Finland, St. Petersburg, Russia (2-days), Tallinn, Estonia, Stockholm, Sweden (2-days), Oslo, Norway and returning to Harwich, England.
15-Days;   August 8, 2016



Treasures of the Yucatan - Each day of this journey provides a glimpse into the rich past of the gorgeous Yucatan peninsula. Visit the largely unexcavated Mayan archaeological site of Ek Balam. Explore historic Mérida, a fascinating city full of colonial history and charm, and Chichen Itza, one of the new Seven Wonders of the World.
8-Days;   October 21, 2016


Myan ruin - Chichen Itza


Egyptian Experience - See the Great Pyramids of Giza, Edfu's beautifully preserved Temple of Horus, the immense Karnak Temple in Luxor, the Sphinx, and the glories of Alexandria -- this Egyptian experience is a dream come true.
9-Days;   October 30, 2016


Custom Tours


If your group has 10 or more travelers we can plan a custom educational tour for your group!

Many teachers and educators have a specific educational theme for their travel programs. A theological organization may want to visit certain religious shrines, a history group may want to see the actual places that history was made, or a literary group may want to visit the sites connected with the lives of certain authors.

We offer an exciting educational tour around the world for groups of all ages and interests. Whether it’s a group of teachers, students, community groups, or senior citizens, Teachers Tours can plan perfect trip for you and your group.

If your group has a specific focus for your travel program that is not currently addressed by any of our tours, we will work with you to design a customized tour. We will price your customized itinerary for whatever sized group you require (for 10 or more travelers).

Custom Tours Available For:

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